The SEEDS Mission

The Southeast Educational Data Symposium convenes annually to bring together administrators, instructors and researchers from across the region who want to harness analytics to promote student success. The symposium fosters an environment of collaboration among participants so that ideas and best practices can flourish. Practical, actionable uses of educational data are shared to enhance learning outcomes, raise student retention, and improve graduation rates.

The SEEDS Advisory Board

  • Amanda G. Madden, PhD (Georgia Institute of Technology)
  • Prasanth Kambhatla (Georgia State University)
  • Wendy Kallina, PhD (Kennesaw State University)
  • Scott James (PAR Framework)
  • Timothy D. Harfield, PhD (Blackboard)
  • Yakut Gazi, PhD (Georgia Institute of Technology)
  • Myk Garn (University System of Georgia)
  • T. Mack Brown (Ascendae)