Panel Discussion

Learning versus Learner Analytics: Can We Combine the Two

Facilitator: Scott James (PAR Framework / Hobsons)

  • Rob Anderson (Vice Chancellor for Educational Access & Success, University System of Georgia)
  • Karen Swan (Stukel Distinguished Professor of Educational Leadership, University of Illinois, Springfield
  • Russ Little (Chief Innovation Officer, PAR Framework / Hobsons

Learner analytics primarily focuses on the qualities that make an individual student unique and long term academic outcomes (e.g. race, age, income, first term GPA). Learning analytics focuses more on gathering short term information on student performance and activity levels within an online system (e.g. most recent login, number of visits to course page, grade on last homework quiz, missed assignments). This panel discusses how value can be obtained from both, and how the two might be combined to provide a more complete picture of a student’s risk profile.