Practical Learning Analytics

Facilitator: April Galyardt (University of Georgia)

Following a gentle introduction to R (an open source statistical environment), participants will work with actual student data (de-identified and open access) and learn how to predict student performance in a course, persistence in a major, and university experience across difference student groups. More details, including a complete syllabus, will be made available to conference registrants at the beginning of June 2016.

Ethical Use of Student Data Policy

Facilitator: Timothy Harfield (Georgia State University)

In 2014, the Open University released a charter that laid out the principles governing its use of student data. The Policy on Ethical use of Student Data for Learning Analytics was composed out of the recognition that student data is increasingly being collected and exposed in order to benefit students, but that such practices may come into conflict with values like privacy, agency, and autonomy. This document was created in the European context, but to date a similar document has yet to be created that is specific to North American concerns. Through a series of design-thinking exercises, the goal of this workshop will be to create a draft document to be used a starting point for discussion by institutions in the Southeast region.