Actually, Please Go Towards the LITE: The Need for Creating a Business Intelligence Competency Center


Nick Chaviano
Georgia Institute of Technology, Business Intelligence Developer


With the creation of Enterprise Data Management (EDM), Georgia Institute of Technology had the momentum to start the centralization of tools and services to improve the availability, quality, and visibility of data to our campus customers. Over the past few years, EDM has built a team from the ground up responsible for data governance, business intelligence, system architecture, and data architecture. After the first roll-out of our enterprise data warehouse, the next logical question was centered around answering important questions from customers, simplifying reporting, and ensuring security and governance. Data and reports are in a myriad of locations and come from systems across campus. Access to data central to decision making can be difficult to obtain, and reports across systems can lack consistency due to differences in definitions and assumptions. Through Georgia Tech’s business intelligence center, Leading Insight Through Empowerment (LITE), data and reports are accessed from a single Enterprise Data Warehouse where accuracy and consistency are ensured. LITE allows for less time spent finding and accessing data, and more time spent analyzing and making key decisions about Georgia Tech. In this presentation, attendees and the presenter will discuss the need for a business intelligence center in higher education and walk through Georgia Tech’s process from concept to go-live.


Nick is currently a Business Intelligence Developer for Enterprise Data Management (EDM) at Georgia Tech, a leading research and technology institution. Nick is working to develop reporting solutions within Tableau that provide data for business users across campus. Prior to joining EDM, Nick’s background was in institutional research (IR), as he had previously worked for Georgia Tech and Florida State University in the IR offices.